Grace Enrichment Co-op

About GECO

About GECO

    Grace Enrichment Co-op, as GECO is formally known, began in September 1999 with 20 families.  The initial purpose was to facilitate the daunting tasks of high school level sciences and math for the small body of students at that time.  In the beginning, GECO was a tightly knit, loosely run small family of parents and children.  With time and continued success as home educators, GECO grew.  

The tiny fledgling group of families has soared to over 50. Student enrollment for 2019 was over 100.  In 2019, GECO was recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 non profit organization.

Today, GECO offers High School, Middle School, and Elementary support for homeschool families.  Classes of math and sciences for the upper grades remain the core; studies in English, Spanish, Art, and Music now form the working curriculum.  There is even enrichment activity for the littlest students, as families with diverse ages and needs are welcomed. 

GECO families have graduated over 100 students.  These students have gone on successful lives in medicine, ministry, engineering,  professorships, military and police work, writers, artists, physical therapists.   With combined experience, GECO represents 100+ combined years of home school experience.   

The organization relies solely on volunteer service.  Without active participation by all members, GECO would not be the success it is today.

 What began as academic support many years ago for the handful, has become extended family for the many.  Meeting weekly, consistently, for years has allowed families to forge valuable bonds.  The fellowship and support of homeschool spills over into daily life.  While the mission to educate the children is primary, the benefits are reaped by the whole family.  GECO is for the students, GECO also is for the moms and dads. 

“I could not continue to homeschool if it had not been for GECO.”- member mom

“I love GECO”-  boy, age 10

“GECO is for the moms.” - long time member, mother of 8

GECO’s governing board as well as teachers, aides, and maintenance crew are volunteers.  The board governs according to established by-laws, and is elected by members. 

As a non profit organization, the GECO board strives for the utmost integrity in financial decisions, policy making, and accountability.  Annual business meetings are held to inform members of current financial status, forthcoming news, and changes of policy.  

Operating from a non denominational Christian world view, GECO respects the diversity found among the Christian faith.  While some, but not all curriculum presented at GECO is written from a Biblical view, the personal religious practices of the families at GECO are not part of the formal curriculum.  GECO holds a biblically affirmative policy while remaining non denominational at the core.  

What does it take to join?  GECO By-Laws require member applicants to be actively home educating at least one student in grades 7-12.  As members with Jr High or High school students enrolled, families are welcome to enroll younger children to participate in age related activity.  Families with children younger than 7th grade level should wait to apply for membership until their student reaches the eligible age.  

Membership is available in 2 tiers: Associate and Regular Member.  

Associate Members are not required to fulfill any obligation or duty, but pay a higher enrollment fee, plus per class fees, plus books.   

Regular members are required to fulfill various obligations including but not limited to teaching, clean up, grading, etc.  Regular members receive a reduced enrollment rate and lower class fees.  Regular members must also pay for books.  The number of obligations and fees vary from year to year, as determined by the GECO board, and is often dependent upon enrollment and needs of the organization.  

Membership applications may be made from February 1 - June 30 of the year for the coming  fall.  No mid year enrollments are accepted.  For more information contact GECO at [email protected].