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Thank you for your interest in GECO. Please read and complete the following application. The application does not include all pertinent administrative forms, liability releases, and family information required to complete GECO membership. The application is reviewed by the Board. The application process includes an interview, reference checks, and consideration of space available in GECO schedules. Any decisions regarding your application status will be handled through email.  Please keep in mind that membership fees, class fees, and volunteer requirements could change from year to year based on enrollment and GECO's projected expenses.  

Grace Enrichment Co-Op Inc., known as GECO, offers membership at two levels, Regular and Associate. Both levels require active homeschooling of at least one student grades 7-12 according to the Texas homeschool law. (

Regular Membership (for families with children grade 7-12 and younger)

$450 yearly family membership 

$100 commitment deposit (fully refundable upon completion of required obligations; refunded at school year’s end) 

$ Books and/or class fees such as lab or art supplies**

$  optional fundraiser luncheon 

$ optional special occasion costs including dances, filed trips, etc

Regular members must commit to fulfilling various obligations such as: hall monitor, grading, teaching, assistant, cleaning, etc.  

The required number of obligations varies depending upon enrollment and needs for the year.   

Grades 7-12 may be dropped off. 

Younger family members are welcome to enroll in available classes; a parent must be onsite for all students under grade 7.

Members are subject to criminal background checks and must participate in Ministry Safe Sexual Abuse Awareness Training. 


Associate Membership (for families with students grade 7-12)

$500 yearly associate family membership

$150 fee per class hour per year** (Math and Science are 2 hour courses)

$ books and supplies as applicable

$ optional fundraiser luncheon

No required commitments or cooperative obligations.   

Grades 7-12 may be dropped off.  

Associate Members are subject to criminal background checks and must participate in Ministry Safe Sexual Abuse Awareness Training. 

** All members must be aware that before enrolling in Algebra 1, 2, or higher level math, students who have not completed and passed prerequisite courses at GECO must take a Saxon placement test. 


Membership Application Process

Please note, applications are not commitments by either party to join GECO, nor do applications guarantee a place at GECO.  Space is limited. Applications are available and reviewed February through July 1st for the fall term of the same year.  No mid-term applications or memberships are accepted. You must read and agree to the duties and responsibilities outlined in the GECO Handbook. Fees are determined annually by the Board.  

  1. GECO Board reviews applications, including references.
  2. The Board approves or rejects applications.
  3. Upon approval, an email will be sent. 
  4. All fees and commitments for volunteer service obligations will be due at registration.

Please note: Associate Memberships are limited and must have special approval from the Board. 


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At this time, GECO does not take electronic payments.